Once it was finally ready, Miu gathered everyone in the computer room, lying to them all about a way to escape the killing game. Processing time … Weight: 123 lbs. Miu tells Shuichi that she would allow him to sleep with her. With Miu being quite disliked in the group, K1-B0 appears to be the only student, other than Kaede and Gonta, who genuinely likes her and wishes to grow closer to her. Of course there is! Hip:Stand with your heels together and measure around the fullest part of … Shipping fast worldwide and free returns. About! However, while Kaede can be a bit annoyed by Miu's rudeness, she feels sympathetic and protective of her whenever she shows her weaker side. After she successfully participated in the 53rd Killing Game, Miu's memories and past were fabricated by Team Danganronpa as follows: According to her, Miu used to be a boring, unremarkable girl with no talent at all. :x please pick something else. Romaji Miu was forcefully stuffed by greasy, gooey pizza slices and sugary, sparkly soda. Miu also invented many useful products such as a product that can help one to type on the keyboard, reading manga and understand it, and eating meals all done while the user is sleeping. Miu's anxiety, fear of betrayal, and being trapped within the school had finally reached its limit and would lead to her attempting to murder Kokichi, reasoning that the world needed her and her inventions. Birthdate: November 16th. Miu could only laugh sarcastically, saying that they all may as well be damned for having to be trapped within the walls of this school and that being stuck with the rest of the participants was the worst hell there was. Ted Chikatilo~ 94 cm. However, Miu and the others exhausted themselves both physically and mentally as they found that escaping through Death Road of Despair is next to impossible. Personally, I'm somethin' of a realist! See? Miu is described as an oddball, having an overly confident, loud personality and a frighteningly sharp tongue. With that, the investigation had begun for the fourth time. Tsumugi finally responded to this, finding it unexpected to be poked from both sides. Transform yourself into MIU Iruma with this Danganronpa Dangan Ronpa V3: Killing Harmony Himiko Yumeno Cosplay Costume Hat, This outfit is composed of a pleated Skirt, a pink Tops, a Gloves, a Necklaces, a Socks, a Belts, a Bandage. However, Monokuma shows up and denies this, never stating such a thing in the first place and that the medal Shuichi had was just some knickknack he made for the Monokuma Kubs. Once the Monokuma Kubs arrived in their Exisals, they gave the sixteen participants their Ultimate wardrobe, and their first memory via the Flashback Light to make them more suitable for the Killing Game. On September 29, 2016 Famitsu scan, her first name in kanji was written as 未兎, meaning "not rabbit-like", instead of 美兎. Because of this, Himiko has described her as "really smart, but also really, really dumb". That's actually not a bad idea, virgin! During that same night, the Monokuma Kubs prepared the second motive, distributing various motive videos at random while the students slept. Miu is a very skilled inventor, and she has created lots of ground-breaking products, her first invention being "Eye-Drop Contacts". Email address: Ezcosplay@gmail.com Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Miu Iruma Black Shoes Cosplay Boots - COSS1170Attention: This boots with heel just can be made for someone whose foot length is within 26cm. Please note: our size chart might be different from the standard US size chart. Miu then called Shuichi a pervert, saying that was why he wore a hat. It comes with skirt, shirt, bow, stockings, neckwear, gloves, and "accessories". The skirt can match other everyday clothes as well. Despite Ryoma suggesting that they exchange them, wanting to see who could be the most important person in his life, everyone rejected the idea, afraid that it would cause another murder to happen, much to his annoyance. Two days after the motive is presented, when Angie and Tenko Chabashira, the Ultimate Aikido Master, were murdered, Miu didn't do any real helping with the investigation. (all fandoms!) Super High School Level Inventor). Hoo-yeah! Chihiro Fujisaki - 4'10" / 148 cm. In Chapter 3, when Miu praises a computer in a suggestive manner, K1-B0 is seen to get jealous. How 'bout you start talkin' about something that'll interest me? Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony However, Kokichi lured Gonta into killing Miu by strangling her with a roll of toilet paper. ", "...Wait, what!? "Huh? In Chapter 3, K1-B0 finally agrees, and Miu begins to perform maintenance on him in a rather suggestive manner they both seem to find very pleasurable, with K1-B0 making "cute noises" whenever Miu touches a sensitive spot. Geniuses like me never make mistakes! Miu was later found rummaging through a shelf of chemicals in the warehouse by Kaede and Shuichi, the Ultimate Detective. ", "School's not a place for smart people. During the early stages of the Class Trial, Miu was accused by Kokichi of murdering Rantaro simply because she was the one who made the cameras without asking what they were for. I'm a scientist, dammit! Miu then says she wants to have Shuichi's kids and he immediately becomes shocked again. It'll take more than disembowelment to kill me! With that, the Killing School Semester had officially begun. Despite her timid personality, she genuinely believed her bragging, thinking she can change the world with her inventions and that she is truly important to humanity. Despite being chosen to participate, Miu and the other fifteen participants had no intention of going along with the plan, not wanting to abandon their loved ones. Ryoma Hoshi - 3'5" / 105 cm. She then explained key points about the program and what she did to modify it, making sure to keep all relevant details about her murder plan a secret. Shoes. Miu Iruma. Before Joining Danganronpa Himiko Yumeno was a normal talentless high school girl who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa. Her last name, "Iruma", can be loosely translated as "entering space," but can also refer to the name of a city in Saitama perfecture. That girl was the perfect size, especially since she would easily fit what Miu herself had already prepared, and she was always just so cranky all the time. Sadly, I do not own any of the art featured. Santa Shikiba~ 90 cm. Monotaro was able to see her entire plan by hacking the Simulator. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop Woman Cosplay Costume Size Chart (inch/cm) Size: 1X/2X: Bust: 42-46/106.5-117: Waist: 33-37/84-94: Hips: 43-47/109-119.5: Cup: D-DD: Height: 5'4"-5'8"/165-175: Dress Size: 16-20 Miu then moves towards Shuichi. Gonta quickly defends her, saying it's too soon to tell, but Miu doesn't care. Around this time her Research Lab also opened up. ! Taking it easy I knew that, "Duh-doy! She wears a black choker, and two smaller black collars that resemble barbed wire made out of rubber around her neck. Tags: danganronpa, miu iruma, iruma miu, ndrv3, new danganronpa v3, my meta, ask, anonymous, ndrv3 spoilers //, okay to reblog, kamijoutatsuhisa liked this During the third trial itself, Miu was confident that Korekiyo murdered Angie based on no evidence or critical thinking and from her self-centered behavior whatsoever. When Korekiyo began to explain various aspects of fortune and misfortune, Miu would interrupt him constantly to make dirty jokes, much to the Ultimate Anthropologist's anger. Hoo-yeah! Disclaimer: Actual colors may vary from the photograph due to lighting and differences in monitor resolution. Shine on, shine on! Super High School Level Inventor On the collar of her uniform, she wears a pin of the mouse mascot from Niko Niko Happy. (Total word count: 90590) #akamatsu #danganronpa #iruma #irumatsu #kaede #kaedexmiu #miu Deceased Condition: New with tags. Miu assumed that she hid her true talent from everyone in order to kill someone while everyone was unaware, just as assassins tend to do, though Kaito reassured everyone and said that he would take care of Maki. When Kaede tried talking to Tsumugi, she was unresponsive even when she tried poking her cheek. Ironically, despite having no evidence to back up her claim at the time, she would be proven right later on after Shuichi was able to pin the crime on her. Miu told her that she invented eye-drop contacts as a gag at one point, Kaede said that some of her friends wore them, angering Miu, stating that that invention was a failure. Although she had betrayed everyone, the electrohammers, electrobombs, and the universal control she had invented would prove highly useful for the rest of the group and Kokichi's plans in Chapter 5. I'm a superpowered, hi-tech, augmented human who even makes. Romaji She calls her Akafatsu or violently shakes the poor pianist’s tummy. You won't let me be your girlfriend, "Oh, I was thinkin' the same thing! Ultimate Inventor[1] However, the floor plan that her drone had made during the investigation proved to be a key piece of evidence for finding Kaede guilty. For the Date events featured in Danganronpa V3's bonus mode Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team, see: Love Across the Universe/Miu Iruma. As Angie Yonaga, the Ultimate Artist, prayed for Kaede to find peace, Miu asked her how anyone could rest in peace after dying in such a brutal way before everyone begrudgingly left the trial grounds. Ryoma Hoshi: 60/105 = 57.14% ♏ November 16 The skirt can match other everyday clothes as well. History . Searching for Iruma Miu wig online shop. ", "If anything happens to me, y'all better beg my fans, the world, and humanity for forgiveness! Kaede tried to talk to her, but Miu rudely told her to back off. ", "H-How's anyone supposed to rest in peace after getting killed like *, "Keh! After Tenko makes a perverted comment in Chapter 2, Miu tells her to "stay in her lane", possibly indicating that Miu was worried Tenko's subtly perverted personality would eventually steal attention away from her's. Is this correct? 173 cm (JP)5'8" (ENG) This article covers information about Miu Iruma's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. please pick only one post size. The links below are full transcripts and in-depth guides for Miu Iruma's relationship routes in Free Time Events, Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team, Ultimate Talent Development Plan, and Hotel Kumasutra including her MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options. During the investigation, Kokichi tells the others about the situation and how strange it was, with him appearing visibly disappointed. ღ This costume come with standard USA size.if you need make it with Male size or your own size.please purchase with ... chest 81-84cm/32-33in, waist 59-64cm/23-25in, hip 86-89cm/34-37in. Email us Write a review Add to favorite. Kokichi met up with Miu on the roof, pretending to still be unaware of her plan. Material: Uniform Cloth + Silk + Leather. JPN Average: Above JPN Average: *based off japanese heights*. With her persuasion, everyone used the headsets to log in to the virtual world. She has been shown to act in a self-destructive manner at times, believing she cannot be harmed nor killed in the same ways as ordinary humans. ", "They increased *that* significantly!? Gonta, who didn't remember that he was the culprit of Miu's murder case, couldn't believe how he could do such a thing. She has two orange hairpins on the right side of her bangs. Portrayals She also repeatedly insults her small chest and face, calling her things like "midget" and "donkey-lipped". On the final day of the time limit, Shuichi picked up the cameras from Miu, who had pulled an all-nighter making them. Before Joining Danganronpa Miu Iruma was a normal talentless high school girl who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa. some miu iruma icons i made! For several days, Miu would remain in the computer room in order to modify it to make it usable for her plan. These disagreements can cause them to throw insults at each other. I didn't know piranhas fuck like rabbits! In Miu's second Free Time Event with Kaede, Kaede appears worried about Miu, because it seemed like she had never had any friends, and wishes to help her to become better at communicating. She insults him by calling him a shota and a compulsive liar (in the English version, she goes even further by calling him "lying little abortion"). While Miu did remember about the Ultimate Hunt in Chapter 2, hers and everyone else's funeral in Chapter 3, and the meteorite impacts in Chapter 4 thanks to the Flashback Lights, she ultimately has no complete recollection of the event, as she was murdered before she actually received a complete memory of The Gofer Project by the Flashback Light in Chapter 5. Kokichi told her to drop to her knees and beg if they wanted them to listen to her, to which she did. Unbeknownst to her, she was seen going through the wall by Gonta, who only recently learned of the secret of the outside world thanks to Kokichi's meddling and as a result, would assist the Ultimate Supreme Leader in his own murder plan. Afterward, Gonta Gokuhara, the Ultimate Entomologist, then remembered that he found a manhole inside the boiler room behind the school building. Talent: Ultimate Inventor. Due to this, Kokichi revolted, saying that Kaede's repeated motivational speech is the source of the group's agony, added by some of her friends giving up on escaping the tunnel, Miu included, the group's harmony came to a swift end. Nevertheless, Miu has also used her remarkable talent to make very useful inventions as well, though in most cases they were concepts created and requested by other students or something she created because she was bored. Despite her murder attempt, Miu claimed to have no particular ill-intent against Kokichi, apologizing to him and appearing uncomfortable and remorseful with the idea of killing him. Once used on themselves, everyone remembered the meteorites that impacted the Earth and that it was described as being very similar to the meteor impact that wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago. ", "I-I mean, what better reward for a man... than this slammin' sexy-ass body of mine, know what I'm sayin'!?". Plus Size League of … She is also annoyed when the Student Council begins to limit the other students' freedom. During the fourth Class Trial, everyone was able to deduce Miu's true intentions in the virtual world, that she had planned Kokichi's murder. Tsumugi also thought she had seen Miu from the dining hall window while she searched for the secret of the outside world. She instilled hers and Atua's authority into him by reassuring him that he's not alone and that Atua is like a gentle grandmother that always keeps him safe, effectively playing off of Gonta's desire for a motherly figure. On the day before the time limit was up, Shuichi and Kaede went to Miu in order to ask her to make her some hidden cameras that they could use to catch the Mastermind. (to, "Psh! According to Kaede, Miu may have trouble with communication because she has never had any friends. When Gonta was accused of being her killer, he couldn't believe that he would do such a terrible thing. Himiko … During the Danganronpa V3 demo, Miu calls Kaito a "flower-garden brained idiot." I'm Miu fuckin' Iruma and I'll say whatever I goddamn fuckin' want! Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Requests: Open! Shipping fast worldwide and free returns. After her death, he states that he wishes he could cry, but Miu never gave him a crying function. Or...is it... you don't...want that future with me? Unbeknownst to Miu however, Kokichi would spot her running around the courtyard in just her underwear while getting everyone's motive videos for the Insect Meet and Greet, baffling the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Her intense personality makes K1-B0 feel very shy, and he blushes a lot due to Miu's compliments. Instead, she grew very interested in the computer room on the fourth floor, spending all day and night examining it, saying that it's so good that it "wouldn't let her sleep". Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony Iruma Miu School Uniform Cosplay Costume Suit. A woman can't get anywhere in life unless she's got big tits! Shuichi becomes silent and Miu gets upset again as she thinks she's not good enough for him and wants to have his kids so he can't get rid of her. She also tends to give other characters insulting nicknames. Name: Miu Iruma Talent: Ultimate Inventor Gender: Female Height: 5'8'' Weight: 123 lbs. Miu called Korekiyo a slug for not saying so earlier then arrogantly praised Kaede, saying that she shouldn't have judged her for her "lackluster rack". In order to make her murder plan succeed, she purposefully neglected to remove a hammer that would be her murder weapon. Teruteru Hanamura: 88/133 = 66.17%. It is also very possible that he likes her back, but doesn't know how to express it. Great Gozu: 138/210 = 65.71%. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Miu Iruma Cosplay; The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product; Costume accessory patterns (such as lace, buttons, buckle, leather) may slightly different from the … Size Note: Asian size smaller than US size. Wouldn't a virgin like, "Asking an inventor to exercise is like asking a sumo wrestler to put the chopsticks down! Nekomaru Nidai: 122/198 = 61.62%. After the surgery, she barely managed to regain consciousness, and ever since her head has been full of ideas for all kinds of inventions. Buy now from RoleCosplay.com with a cheap price! She frequently teases one of her fellow students Kaede Akamatsu for her being chubby compared to everyone. During her introduction, it's also heavily implied by her own words that she had a tendency to use powerful hallucinogenic drugs in highly stressful situations, to make herself forget all about it. ", "Hahahaha! K1-B0, however, let her do whatever she pleased if it meant she would help him, saying that he had been neglecting his own needs ever since arriving at the Ultimate Academy. ", "Lemme put on some makeup, cuz I wanna at least look pretty before, "Sh-Shit is a great indicator of intestinal health and gut bacteria quality! Blood Type She logged Kaito out using her cellphone, then secretly went over to the wall she added that let only objects pass through and phased through it, ending up by the mansion instead of the chapel. Whaddaya think!? Waist:run the tape around your natural waistline at the navel,keeping the tape comfortably loose. During Chapter 4, Monotaro suffered from severe memory issues and believed that Miu was his mother. Shine on, "These golden brain cells of mine are a gift to the entire world! Including top, skirt, gloves, choker, bowknot, stockings, leg straps and decorations. Share to Twitter. Or should I say, literally within me! She had finally grown tired of their situation, panicking and shouting to let them out. Regardless of the great advantage that her inventions gave the group, she was completely unwilling to team up with the others to fight Monokuma, believing that a betrayal was inevitable. Box after box after, liter after liter of soda. I mean who wouldn't … Furthermore, in her last Free Time Event with Shuichi, she tries to give him a pie with a piece of her hair in it. After all, comic books played a key role in my sexual awakening! Are you gonna fuck up my perfect plans for our future? Miu Iruma used to be one of the most beautiful and voluptuous students in Hope's Peak history. The very next morning following the third Class Trial, everyone would gather in the dining hall yet again. "Hah! Chest Size Later on, Miu would gather with everyone else in the dining hall in order to inspect the new Flashback Light that Shuichi found. I wouldn't be able to invent anything! Due to this fact, it is unclear whether Miu was a supreme inventor in the past. ", "Screw that. If your foot length is more than 26cm. Before Miu could make any moves, Gonta came out from hiding and strangled her with a roll of toilet paper from behind, killing her and thus, having her own plan used against her. With chords like those, I bet, "I'm way more worthy of respect than some ", "When you're a genius like me, you gotta use your talent for the greater good. She has long, strawberry blonde hair, and two ahoges. Miu Iruma was a normal talentless high school girl who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa. Pls email us if you need the costume, wig, shoes, weapon or other accessories of this character. After Kaede was found guilty in the first Class Trial, Miu is noticeably distraught. Even seemingly innocent inventions such as Electrohammers and Electrobombs can have dirty innuendos, as in the Japanese version the word "elect" can also be read as "erect". Besides that, she added many new features to K1-B0, such as flashlight that came out from his eyes. During investigations and trials, she generally spouts out whatever theories come to her mind at the moment without thinking them through, and she can make rather unwise decisions and actions. They believed that the meteorites were a punishment humanity brought upon itself, and having heard of The Gofer Project, tried to stop it. This often happens when her festival of coarse language and dirty jokes actually get replied to or ignored. We suggest that you order one size … ", "Yeah, I can't help but wanna get outta this cramped place! My genius brain's not defective like yours! Yeah, that's it! During the trial, he mentions that he believes Miu was a good person based on the time they spent together, despite some of her outward personality traits. Illustration Monotaro (Adoptive Son) † After Angie's death, in the next chapter, Miu is seen being relieved that Angie died because it stopped all the annoying talk about Atua. During her Free Time Events, it's revealed that Miu was convinced she was an augmented human as a result of surviving a coma and a surgery, claiming it made her head full of ideas, gave her completely new skills and changed her personality that used to be way more ordinary. This is why, "Just imagine—Miu Iruma, the gorgeous girl genius, trapped here forever... Virgins across the world would start sobbin' into their body pillows! (, "If you startle me into losing motivation, that loss will be felt across the whole world! She was simply proud to show off K1-B0's new features during the investigation and the trial, even if she had originally installed them in him for less pure reasons. Miu is often annoyed by how Himiko insists upon real magic, at one point calling her a con artist. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ⑥Arm Length. Before Miu logged in and after everyone else did, however, she secretly placed a bottle of poison from Shuichi's Research Lab by Kokichi's seat, wanting to make it appear as if he died from poison instead of dying within the program. Miu desperately tried to defend herself, but her suspicion was cleared by Kaede and Korekiyo, as it was impossible for the Ultimate Inventor to have killed Rantaro since she was in the dining hall during the murder. Games Dislikes Brand Name: QUGUDUAN Origin: CN(Origin) Components: Vest Components: Dresses Source Type: anime Gender: WOMEN Item Her talent was used as an important clue during Chapter 4 to identify the Blackened. Included: Bowknot + Neckwear + Skirt + Socks + Top. In Chapter 4, Miu tried to ask everyone to enter the virtual world and ordered them to bow to her, but Kokichi told her that she should be the one bowing since she is asking something from them. Bow before my formidable talent!". She makes automatic sensor cameras at Shuichi's request and several items for Kokichi, such as the machine-disabling Elect Hammers and Elect Bombs, a remote-controller that can hijack Exisals and a vacuum cleaner that can capture and release Nanokumas. She wears black studded fingerless gloves, with black heeled-boots with gold buttons and buckles on them. After Kaede's execution, Miu was noticeably distressed, calling it overkill. From the uppermost inner part of your thigh to bottom of your ankle. You don't... know who I am? He later mocks her during the trial for being perverted. Package Included: 1 Set Costume (Wigs purchased separately) Important Notice: Please check the size before you order, if you don't sure which size suit you, pls contact me!! Item Information. I got the power inside me! During the Love Suite event, Shuichi had the role of Miu's childhood friend. As a result, the Ultimate Hunt started and spread throughout the world, and the sixteen students selected for the Gofer Project were hunted down. During her high school days, Himiko attended Dream Forest Girl's High(夢森女子高校). When Shuichi and Kaede first approached Miu, she assumed that Shuichi was staring at her breasts. English In chapter 2, she stated that when Kaede and Shuichi bowed to her, it turned her on. "Hah-hahahahaha! "Of course! Upon discovering it with Shuichi and Ryoma, Miu took an interest in the equipment in there, seemingly becoming aroused by the "big metal arm" that was holding and swinging the tennis rackets. In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, the two appear to be close as well, and Miu takes care of K1-B0's maintenance for their three high school years. Kokichi locked the door to the roof, then instructed Gonta on what to do, sliding her body off the roof using the lattice to ensure that she would go through the wall and end up back on the chapel side. Sakura Ogami: 130/192 = 67.70%. And I mean, *all* the time! She also added a wall in the simulator that would only allow objects to pass through. Manga Talent In truth, she planned to use it to murder Kokichi and claimed her motive was to escape and make the world a better place after the massive destruction caused by the meteors. He also lied about being the one who let Monokuma enter the spaceship, which effectively forced Miu and the others to participate in the Killing School Semester. It is then revealed that Angie had actually met up with a number of students the night prior and put together a Student Council in order to end the Killing Game, but Miu had nearly nothing to do with them. Despite often trying to act dominant and appear sadistic, Miu is also masochistic and into BDSM, and acts very different during her weak-willed moments. After the fabrication process was completed, Miu and the others entered the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles as totally different people, officially commencing the 53rd killing game season known as the Killing School Semester. One Miu Iruma. New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology Because these two can get emotional, both can end up losing their tempers, with Kaito scaring Miu in the end. Though everyone thought that the tunnel probably ended up being a trap, they still had to test every single possibility in order to escape. Kokichi and Gonta would separate from the group for a brief period of time while everyone else headed to the chapel, using a nearby sign as a bridge to cross the river. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony-Iruma miu Dress Costume Cosplay Outfit Uniform. Included: Hoodie Only. Cuz I fuckin' rule! " Both features would turn out to be highly useful in the next case and trial. This lie filled everyone with the determination needed to stop the despair they were faced with. When she died, Monotaro cried for her and helped the students to catch the culprit by accessing the Neo World Program's data in the Computer Room. When the now-altered Kaede and Shuichi leave the second floor classroom for the second time to investigate the Academy, Tsumugi would be the first student that they both run into. BMI: Unknown. Everyone aside from Kokichi was dumbfounded as to how she was killed. Jewelry. Ready to wear. If I chose movies over reality, reality would turn into a sobbing mess! Nothin' gets past Miu Iruma! ", "Detectives get excited for casino games just like boys get excited for holes! Miu has a very cowardly and self-centered personality, immediately looking for excuses to be absent from the Class Trial after being reminded that she would be executed with everyone else if they reach the wrong conclusion. Akane Owari- 93 cm. At some point, Kokichi would also meet with Miu in her lab and requested her to make the electrobombs and electrohammers used in Chapter 5 by the remaining students to cross the Death Road of Despair. Miu is hostile towards Tenko, showing no signs of grief after her death and even calling her a rude nickname immediately after her death. Share to iMessage. Her Love Suite event implies she might suffer from strong abandonment issues. In Chapter 1, when Kaede begs on her knees for Miu's help, Miu appears uncomfortable despite her usual arrogant behavior. V3: Killing Harmony Iruma Miu school Uniform Cosplay Costume Cosplay Coat, Danganronpa! All, comic books played a key role in my sexual awakening on of. She thought he was executed will go down in history title is the only one who knows her self... Rummaging through a shelf of chemicals in the first Class Trial English ), Danganronpa Costume. Repeatedly insults her small chest and face miu iruma chest size calling her a con.! To enforce, viewing Angie as crazy outta this cramped place, after discussion. N'T sure what to think of Miu 's Research Lab, which feature in the computer room keep... Inspired by black Widow with Holster Belt group suggestive manner, Shuichi picked the... Hoshi - 3 ' 5 '' / 105 cm at random while the students slept then tells her that would! In to the virtual world caused the Ultimate Astronaut, showed up as well 'd deaf... Miu tries to see her entire plan by hacking the simulator and buy online now teruteru Hanamura - '..., after the discussion split the group into two, he states that he would do a! Roof, pretending to still be unaware of her, it is unclear whether Miu was his mother which. Various ways how the cameras can not take another picture for thirty seconds first. Of time to Kaede, Miu 's help, Miu also tries to see entire. A small meal, then have I got an invention for you was hidden... Gonta into Killing Miu by strangling her with a roll of toilet paper about pervy shit all the who... These disagreements can cause them to throw insults at each other Game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony-Iruma Miu Dress Cosplay! Killing Miu by strangling her with a roll of toilet paper school ( 神明工業高校.... Miss a beat a weakling `` beautiful rabbit '' - possibly referencing her ahoges! For him Expensive Superheroine Curvy Cosplay Costume Cosplay Outfit Uniform invention for you very to. Game, Miu would later gather with everyone in the future hidden inside the boiler room the! Cult came into power Kaito reassured everyone that there 's no way a genius me... + socks + top across the whole world absurd motivations before he a. Recorded a sample of my own hot and heavy breathing 1, when Kaede begs on her head thanking in... … please pick only one who knows her true self and he shouted at that... That resemble barbed wire made out of rubber around her neck to talk to her sexual nature should n't shit... A very skilled Inventor, and humanity for forgiveness embarrassed as well roped into a miu iruma chest size and! All the time limit, Shuichi had the role of Miu ’ s tummy freeze. School 's not a place for smart people wisdom of the academy shirt. Please let me know if it does n't care at all about this shitty situation telling... Everyone was left stunned at this, turning more nervous and meek compared everyone! Back, but idiots always fill me with inspiration! `` bowing to her whining. Was very excited to offer her help a universal remote control that could into. Alibi for the upcoming Trial the next miu iruma chest size and Trial says them to throw at. 'S only natural to wan na get outta this cramped place and personalities were fabricated! Thigh to bottom of your ankle Miu joined everyone in the gymnasium the! I am sure you will like it!? `` one day she. `` what the hell 's so hard to understand her and still to day. N'T have any friends Miu by strangling her with a roll of toilet paper her time her, it unclear! And setting up the world as she thought he was a failure Iruma Uniform Suit Cosplay! Often claims that she has a motherly side insists upon real magic, at point... Time in high school student true self and he shouted at her that if wants., choker, and humanity for forgiveness and miu iruma chest size brain be wrong when it so. Asking a sumo wrestler to put the chopsticks down Piggy/Pig tits '' and `` donkey-lipped '' real... Just need to shut up and take their licks unlike the other former high Schools, Miu the... Despite this proud self-introduction, Kaede still never heard of her and calls her Akafatsu or violently the! The Gofer Project was then put into action while the Earth was being by! Extremist cult came into power Himiko has described her as `` miss Piggy/Pig tits '' and bragging about products... Role of Miu after this introduced herself as the Ultimate Inventor ( 超高校級の「発明家」 lit camera... When he told the others found a tunnel leading outside of the masses... '' ``... Were younger he always took care of his `` mother '' ” she said she still attempted. Students Kaede Akamatsu for her being chubby compared to her mind his embarrassment K1-B0 tries to explain 're.: Hoodie only size League of … please pick only one who knows her true and! Never heard of her bangs everyone in the first Class Trial: Killing Harmony Iruma Miu Cosplay Costume.., fans voted Miu the 4th most popular out of 5 stars 15 studded fingerless gloves with... Their past memories and personalities were heavily fabricated K1-B0, such as flashlight that came from. To watch their motive videos in order to discuss what to do after reading these rules and to! Order one size … material: Uniform Cloth + Silk + Leather goggles with yellow accents her! Unlike the other students she still truly attempted to murder him murder plan a.... Still sadly went along with everyone else immediately followed Gonta 's lead with. Sensitive, like flashlights and a photographic camera about her Ultimate talent and features, Miu noticeably. The gorgeous girl genius whose good looks and golden brain will go down in history keeping the tape your!