(In regard to the historical argument, see Bridgeton.) A Clyde Port Authority, 16 Robertson Street, Glasgow Glasgow B Iron Gate, George V Bridge, Glasgow Glasgow C 41 Oswald Street, Glasgow Glasgow B Warehouse, 60, 62, 64 Robertson Street, Glasgow Glasgow B 9 Midland Street, Glasgow Glasgow B 42, 44 Jamaica Street, Glasgow Glasgow A 71, 73, 75 Robertson Street, Glasgow Full Planning Permission to convert the building to a hotel with a three storey extension was conditionally approved Nov 2008 ref: 08/01273/DC. All material in the site Glasgow Guide is copyright of the Glasgow Guide Organisation. This material is for your own private use only, and no part of the site may be reproduced, amended, modified, copied, or transmitted to third parties, by any means whatsoever without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. The name arises from a row of silver firs which bordered the Camlachie Burn, which formed the south-east boundary of the property. SALTMARKET STREET, opened in 1100. He died about 1797. 2 bedroom flat for sale in Oswald Street, Glasgow, G1 £179,995. It was laid off for feuing by John Gardner, optician, who was the associate and friend of James Watt. WINDMILL CROFT. NEAREST STATIONS Distances are straight line measurements from the centre of the postcode. RENFIELD STREET and RENFREW STREET. /* 160x600, created 30/10/08 */ Peel Street, named in honour of Sir Robert Peel, who passed the Reform Bill of 1832. ROTTENROW STREET. He built the Virginia Mansion, which stood at the north end, the site of which is now occupied by the Union Bank. In 1766 Mr. Murdoch, the senior partner, was Provost of the town, and during his tenure of office he was presented, when in London, to King George the Third, who remarked that he was the handsomest Scotsman he had ever seen. Bridge Street Station 0.3 miles. Not particularly well known even in his home town, the statue is okay. Contains negative pledge. In its palmy days the lawn reached down to the river. He was elected to the See in Glasgow in 1271, and died 26th November, 1316, and was buried in the Cathedral between the altars of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew. He and James Ewing of Strathleven represented the City in Parliament after the Reform Bill of 1832. Caledonian Sleeper also services this route 6 times a week. This place during the present year (1901), has in the course of re-building been entirely swept away. TURNER’S COURT, on the south .side of Argyle Street, nearly opposite Queen Street, was named for John Turner, spirit merchant, Argyle Street. Classical frontage onto Oswald Street now painted. It was previously known as the Cow Lone. The old title being carried westward, and getting metamorphosed, was imposed upon Saint Enoch Square. STOBCROSS STREET was formed on the avenue leading to Stobcross House. google_ad_slot = "5825456822"; OSWALD STREET (Whiteinch) and the Lands of Scotstoun belong to another branch of the same family. SAINT NINIAN STREET is formed upon Saint Ninian's Croft. Discuss | Guestbook | Postcard | News | Weather | Feedback | Search | About | What's New, Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Info / The Origin And History Of Glasgow Streets /  Pg 5, The Origin And History Of Glasgow Streets (Page 5) By Hugh Macintosh (1902)  Pages: 0  1  2  3  4  5. can be seen in old files of the Glasgow Herald. In 1893 the Corporation purchased for a public park, from the trustees of Mr. Davidson, 53 acres of the demesne at the price of £29,176 5s on part of which they have since built an extensive hospital. The name comes from Saint Thanew, whose cell was on the site of the Tron Church in Trongate Street; and, despite statements to the contrary, there is no proof of any building for religious purposes having occupied the square previous to that of 1780. It is now engrossed in the Central Railway Station. The ground was feued off and built upon, but the villa and cottages one of the latter having quaint diamond-shaped window panes, remained in a dilapidated condition till within the last fifty years. James Oswald was Glaswegian merchant and Member of Parliament representing Glasgow back in the 18th century. google_ad_width = 468; The eastern end of this street, from Buchanan Street to West Nile Street, was previously called Cathcart Street. TUREEN STREET. WISHART STREET, named in honour of Robert Wishart, a patriotic Bishop, who was the firm friend of Wallace and Bruce, and he did not scruple at times to throw aside his vestments and, buckling on his armour, take the field with his countrymen against the Saxon invader. From the last it was acquired by purchase early in last century by the late James Davidson; but he, having built a residence at Wemyss Bay, resided mostly there, and Ruchill House was long tenanted by the late J.H. Site Number NS56SE 609. "Glasgow Central is the busiest railway station in Scotland and the third busiest in Britain. Stewarts & Lloyds was a steel tube manufacturer with its headquarters in Glasgow at 41 Oswald Street. SHETTLESTON. The bridge was commissioned in 1914, but was delayed due to the First World War: the bridge was not completed and opened until 1928. Fine to take a look if you're in George Square anyway, otherwise don't … TRADESTON consists of that portion of land allocated to the Trades House out of the purchase made from Sir Robert Douglas by the Magistrates and Council in 1647. Oswald Street Glasgow The Cut Development, Glasgow, Scotland Location: between Oswald Street and Robertson Street This 12-storey residential development, for client Furlong City, has an estimated cost of approx. PARTICK, of old Perdyec, from the Gaelic aper dhu ec, meaning the place at the confluence or mouth of the dark river. STRUTHERS STREET was named for Robert Struthers, brewer who was the first Provost of Calton. We will try to answer these questions and look at the history of the slave trade in Glasgow. google_ad_channel =""; south of Madeira Court. Open map Street View. View on a map. Filing history for CARMELITE (GLASGOW) LIMITED (SC179074) People for CARMELITE (GLASGOW) LIMITED (SC179074) ... 11 oswald street, glasgow. 33, 35 and 41 Oswald Street is a Category C listed building in Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland. NORTH STREET (Anderston) was form formerly known as the Lang Road. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; TENNANT STREET, after Charles Tennant, the elder, of Saint Rollox Chemical Works. Marketed by Aris Property, Glasgow The star of the ‘zoo’, which used to house laughing hyenas, baboons, and all sorts of other animals, was a lion, which lived in a cage at the top of the building. Slang as a rule only lives for a season, but there are exceptions, and in this case it is quite evident that in these far back days "rat," "ratton," "rattoun," be they slang or not, were terms signifying applied to young women. POLLOK STREET is named for the estate on which it stands. It is really wonderful the fertility of brain possessed by some pundits. WARROCH STREET is named for the junior partner of Murdoch, Warroch & Co., who had a brewery here in 1765. The lands of Silver Grove were acquired by Mr. Ure, the writer’s maternal ancestor, towards the end of the eighteenth century. SWORD STREET is named for James Sword, through whose land of Annfield it was formed. “When we posted a story about Wilson’s Zoo, a menagerie which once occupied a now-vanished church in Oswald Street, we heard possibly the most bizarre story we’ve ever been sent. Go to BARR website . In 1793 John Mair, a native of Paisley; became proprietor. This anglicising of Scotch words by ignorant and conceited persons is very common, and leads to frequent error. It was built for Glasgow Corporation in 1926-1927 and was designed by Thomas Somers Glasgow's Master of Work and City Engineer, assisted by Thomas Gilchrist Gilmour. He was an ardent Jacobite, having been out both in the Fifteen and the Forty-Five*, and was ultimately taken prisoner, but escaped by the aid of his wife, who was the sister of Sir Hugh Paterson of Bannockburn. Phœnix Park is formed on the site of the Phœnix Foundry, which was carried on for many years by Thomas Edington & Sons. From his name originated the title of "peeler," as applied to the police; and from the interest he took in Two years later the pub was owned by Thomas Kirkham , the name above the door was Kirkham’s Bar with wine & spirits at each side […] PORTLAND STREET, opened 1802, was named in honour of the Duke of Portland, then a leading Cabinet Minister. google_color_url = "304625"; The station, opened in 1879.Other photos taken in Glasgow:" ... as Oswald Street becomes Hope Street. A ballad in this volume, entitled "Woman’s Truth," contains the word "rattoun," as applied to and meaning a woman. Previous to 1249 an hospital was erected here for the maintenance of the old people of both sexes. WHITEHILL STREET was formed through the lands of Whitehill. It is bounded on the east by Bridge Street and Eglinton Street, on the north by the River Clyde, on the west by West Street, and on he south by the Paisley and Johnstone Canal. //--> His statue is in the north east corner of George Square in line with the Cenotaph; Oswald Street in the city centre is named after him. SAINT ROLLOX a corruption of Saint Roche. Pend access to side elevation leads through to Robertson Street. google_ad_slot = "5682111373"; Located on Oswald Street in the Heart of Glasgow City Centre and Financial Services District, an area of Glasgow which has benefitted from significant redevelopment in the last few decades with a mix of both residential and commercial developments and it is very well placed for the new Barclays Wealth Hub currently being built at Buchanan Wharf nearby. It links the southside Tradeston area to Oswald Street in the city Centre. NEWHALL STREET was formed on the lands of Newhall], which were originally possessed by Mr. Allan. Citing this record Rottenrow Street is a misnomer; it was not at first called Rottenrow Street, but the Rattan Raw, as it still is denominated by the older generation of plain-speaking Scotch people, Row by this class being invariably pronounced Raw; and the original meaning of the word Ratton or Rastoun having been forgot, it easily became altered to Rotten, and it was this which bred so many " rotten " theories respecting the name. What companies run services between Glasgow, Scotland and Mayfield, South Oswald Road, Scotland? Young, a well-known manufacturer in the city. Tel: 0141 204 3333. //-->, Images | Games | Maps | Pubs | Clubs | Food | Places | Shops | Hotels | Info+. google_color_link = "304625"; Piccadilly Street, after the thoroughfare of that name in London, which got its title from a tailor named Higgins, who had introduced piccadille, a French term for a kind of trimming set google_ad_format = "468x60_as"; He and James Ewing of Strathleven represented the City in Parliament after the Reform Bill of 1832. It is a corruption of the Scotch word "sauchiehaugh," and is quite apart from its meaning. Learn from the past with this Glasgow slave trade trail. SAINT ENOCH SQUARE was opened in 1782, the first church and the present steeple having been erected two years prior. In fact, the thoroughfare retained its favourable character up till within the last seventy or eighty years, when the residenters were in the habit of letting their houses as summer quarters, advertisements anent which. The University commenced its career in a small building in this street in 1454, and this might also be adduced as another proof in favour of the locality. During a fanatical outburst in February 1780, the Protestants wrecked his place, and smashed his crockery. October 2007: Demolition application was submitted to Glasgow City Council as part of proposal to erect a 13 floor residential flatted development by Coast Architects and PPG Metro Oswald Ltd.Ref 07/00598/DC. Site Name Glasgow, 11 Oswald Street, Bonded Stores. WOOD LANE (off Broomielaw Street) led to a timber yard. He then gave up the building trade and commenced the manufacture of muslin, in which he was so successful that he ultimately made sufficient. In terms of property types, flats in Oswald Street sold for an average … The walls were thick, and the floor, which had been flagged, was about three feet below street level. This is evidently manufactured, as "mon gah" is pure Norse. 2 bed flat to rent in Oswald Street, Glasgow G1, renting for £1,150 pcm from Glasgow City Flats. The Collage Corner Bar & Radisson is part of the Radisson Blu Hotel at the corner of Argyle Street and Oswald Street. SCOTSTOUN most likely got its name from Alexander Scott, who in 1296 owned a considerable portion of Partick. His name was Benjamin Thomson, and he got the title conferred upon him by the Elector Palatine. This building, when erected, had apparently faced the east, as there was a built-up arched doorway that had been garnished with pilasters in the back wall, which fronted a small yard that intervened between it and a tenement in Saint Enoch Wynd. This, I think, clearly establishes the fact that the Rattoun Row was the woman’s row or ladies' mile of that period, and there are good reason to support this theory, from the fact that in its pristine days the Row occupied the best natural position in the township. Oxford Street. google_color_text = "304625"; SAINT ANDREW SQUARE, opened 1787. WESTERN ROAD (GREAT). Oswald Street (Whiteinch) and the lands of Scotstoun belong to another branch of the same family. WILSON STREET (off Candleriggs Street), opened 1790, derives its named from a charity school, which stood on the north side It was founded by George Wilson in 1778. google_ad_type = "text_image"; As is the case at Shettleston, there are several clachans or hamlets in the country styled "The Sheddans," and this entirely owing to their position at the divergence of the roads. WHITEVALE STREET was named in compliment after Whitehill House. VIRGINIA STREET, opened 1753, got its name from Provost Andrew Buchanan of Drumpellar. This 2 bed flat is located at 21 Oswald Street, Glasgow G1 4PE and has an estimated current value of £124,000. G1 4PL. ScotRail operates a train from Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh every 30 minutes. Broadband speed. PRESTON STREET (off London Road) was named for John Preston, who had a rope walk there during the greater part of last century. References. He died in 1824. Classification Bonded Warehouse (Period Unassigned) Canmore ID 164104. RUCHILL, originally Roughill, was in the seventeenth century the property of the Peadies, who were at that time a leading family in Glasgow, but has since then been held successively by the Dreghorn, Dennistoun, and Dundas families. It had all the appearance of having been a conventual or monastic institute, and from this fact, and its contiguity to the square, may have arisen the statement as to the existence of a previous church; and the only reason that can be ascribed for this ancient mass of stone and lime having been overlooked by local archaeologists is from the fact that it was the back of the building which fronted the lane, the front, which presented its only striking architectural feature, being shut out from public view. PITT STREET, named in honour of William Pitt, the celebrated statesman. Had this been a holy cross to the memory of a saint or bishop, the indictment would have mentioned it, and the dignitaries of the Church would most likely have taken the punishment in hand, or at least have had a say in it, but the Church is silent, and the Cross is clearly stated to belong to the town, and, standing in the position it did, points almost indubitably to it being the Town Cross. St. Enoch Station 0.3 miles. Elizabeth died in 1746, not long after the youngest son Andrew was born in 1745. It was owned by William Dixon, of Govan Colliery, who utilised it in the transport of coal direct from the pit to the harbour for shipment. In the Burgh Records, under date 22nd May 1647, the Dean of Guild is ordained to visit Saint Rollok’s Kirkyard, and to set up the "merche stanes.". He had been a builder, and while repairing a steeple there slipped and fell a considerable distance, only saving his life by catching hold of a projecting stone. Oswald Street (Bridgeton) was formed on ground pertaining to Barrowfield Spinning Factory, which was owned by the same gentleman, who is deservedly commemorated by a statue at the north-east corner of George Square. Speirs Wharf. Enjoy a tasty bite or delicious drink at Collage Corner Bar. The Glasgow Post-Office Annual Directory for 1850-1851 1850 p. 492 Listed under Marble Cutters. //-->, The Origin And History Of Glasgow Streets. There has been a pub on this site since 1870, spirit dealer James Tennent lived just around the corner in Ann Street. SILVERGROVE STREET. OSWALD STREET (City), opened 1817, is named for James Oswald of Shieldhall. Oswald Street (Bridgeton) was formed on ground pertaining to Barrowfield Spinning Factory, which was owned by the same gentleman, who is deservedly commemorated by a statue at the north-east corner of George Square. Sources. The name comes from a nunnery founded by Robert, Earl of Leicester. Being situated on the ridge of a hill, with a southern exposure, which guaranteed a dry site for dwellings, and with the gardens of the Deanery spread out on the slope below, it certainly was the most attractive street in the town, and as such would naturally become the favourite parade of the ladies, hence the name. In a book of Scottish Pasquils of date l568-l7l5, it occurs in the Bannatyne MS., and was published by James Maidment, advocate, Edinburgh, in 1868 for the first time. The name is derived from two Gaelic words signifying the stream or pool haunted by wolves; and doubtless in the olden time quadrupeds of this description were plentiful in the locale. ROBERTSON STREET is on the Broomielaw Croft, a portion of which had been acquired by the Smithfield Company, founded in 1734, and of which Mr. Robertson of Plantation was managing partner. Stations Schools. See Laurieston. 301 Argyle Street, Glasgow. These lands are composed of several smaller properties conjoined, the largest of which was Craigiehall, and this was the name it was known by till 1783, when John Robertson, who had sugar and cotton plantations in the West Indies, became proprietor and changed the name to Plantation. His business premises were on the south side of the street, immediately east of the Gallowgate Bridge. It for a time was the most fashionable part of the town. YORK STREET was named for the Duke of York, who was for a time Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, with frequent disastrous results. google_ad_width = 160; 41 Oswald Street, Glasgow is a Category C listed building in Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland. Named after tobacco merchant Andrew Speirs… // -->,