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The Bully: Anton in the first film is this to George. Carnivore Confusion: Averted through the movies, particularly with Falcon in the second he didn’t eat Margalo because he needed an Artful Dodger, and repeatedly tells her that if HE gets his talons into Stuart, he’ll eat him. Of course, when he finally does get Stuart in his talons, Bond Villain Stupidity takes over. Catch Phrase: Monty’s “Pleeeeease.” Cats Are Mean: Played with in the films. Snowbell starts out very antagonistic toward Stuart, even trying to eat him and kill him, but later is shown as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and, when his street cat friends from the alley want him to eat Stuart to be In with the In Crowd, he ultimately sides with Stuart. Chained to a Railway: Stuart pretends this in the first film in front of George. However, it was a toy train and he used his tail. Cheaters Never Prosper: Anton rams other boats with his during the boat race in order to damage or sink them, much to the anger of one of the other racers. The controls to his boat fail and he loses the race after Stuart manages to untangle his boat from Anton’s. Damsel in Distress: Margalo feigns this to get Stuart to trust her. In the end, inverted: she saves Stuart from falling to his death after he Plane Fus Falcon. Deadpan Snarker: Though Snowbell is (as expected) the biggest culprit, (movie) Margalo lets a little of this sneak through from time to time, when her Ditz armor starts to crack around Stuart. Description Cut: In Stuart Little 2:Stuart: Don’t worry about Snowbell, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

They are also able to switch between their canonical appearences thanks to being Composite Characters and The Nth Doctor effect. Parent with New Paramour: What can be more awkward than seeing your parent flirt/go out? If (s)he flirts/goes out with your friends parent! As James and Jareth can attest. Passive Aggressive Kombat: One of the Erlk favorite tactics mostly agains his son, be it his speech in The Erlk arc or his explanation about the hunt, he is a bit of a slow learner as it never worked and always pushed Jareth past his Rage Breaking Point pretty fast. See Politeness Judo for his one time save. When he and the Queen of the Night did it see Not So Different. Pastimes Prove Personality: All main characters read. A whole lot too, guessing from their background reading habit. In more detail we known: Jareth is fond of Mind Screws and stories about stories. He was even seen reading Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. James seems to like mystery novels, for example the works of Agatha Christie. And this isn’t even about the reeeeeeeeeeeally bibliophile characters like Azira or Darcy. The Erlk Hunts http://www.selectivelets.com/25508/, plays Poker and also Chess (both the mundane and the Xanatos Speed variety). Pet the Dog: Jareth does a lot of “dog petting” for his friends (organizes rescue missions when they are stuck in the elevator, uses peer pressure to make them more socially active etc.) the problem is that he gets them into trouble almost as often. and he also sucks at being good, so he tends to destroy the good he does by shear cluelessness. Like in THIS awfully misguided attempt to be nice. Politeness Judo: Or “Please” is a magic word too. This is a lesson Jareth just begins to learn. Crowley’s way to tell people that they should hurry (“Get the F in!”) here and when he realizes that something important is missing here “Oh. (Censor Box)”. Slasher Smile / Cheshire Cat Grin: Almost all characters can sport these if they have some devious plan (which may or may not work out), or are pulling Let’s Get Dangerous!. Quite frankly Javert’s is probably the most terrifying. thank gods he doesn’t smile that often. Indeed. Snark to Snark Combat: In a world of snark? Happens more or less regularly (like James vs. House in the Zombie arc).

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