of Patañgali); -samâdhi, m. mental absorp tion resulting from Yoga; -sâra, m. univer sal remedy; -siddha, pp. ); -sûkta, n. great hymn: pl. also of Lakshmî); -manorama, a. delighting every one; -máya, a. ); -maya, m. [√ mâ] barter, exchange (of, g., for, in. (î) consisting of twilight. in proportion to friend ship; -samkalpita, pp. See tad vai tato. of the sun (which draws up water with its rays); -da, a. giving water or rain; m. rain-cloud: -½âga ma, m. (arrival of clouds), rainy season, -½anta, m. (end of the clouds), autumn; -dha ra, a. bearing or containing water; m. rain cloud; -dhânî, f. reservoir of water, water butt; -dhârâ, f. sg. asmād yakṣmād asmād āmayataḥ svāhā # AVP.2.49.1--5. no rudrota no mayas kṛdhi # RV.1.114.2a; TS.; KS.40.11a; Aś.3.8.1; Apś.17.22.1. pavanta ūrmayaḥ # SV.2.485b. very clear or bright; quite distinct: -m, ad. easy to win or obtain (girl); -bandhana,a. pp. meaning); musk-deer; antelope in the moon (the spots in which being considered to resemble an antelope as well as a hare); antelope in the sky=the lunar man sion Mrigasiras; Capricorn (sign of the zo diac); kind of elephant; large soaring bird (RV., rare); a demon fought by Indra (RV. great or im portant question; -prasâda, m. great pre sent; a. very gracious; -prasthâna, n. great departure, decease; -prâgña, a. very wise or prudent (person); -prâna, m. hard breath ing, aspirate sound; great strength; a. pro nounced with a hard breathing, aspirated; of great endurance or physical strength; -plava, m. great flood, deluge; -phala, n. large fruit; great reward; a. producing a great reward; -bala, a. very strong, power ful, or effective; m. N.; -bâdha, a. very in jurious; -bâhu, a. long-armed, strong-armed; m. ep. m. seeing; mirror; image; copy; -pustaka, n. copy, manuscript; -maya, a. being altogether mirror. id. ); -kákshas, a. having good sight, keen-sighted (V.); -katura, a. very expert; -karita, pp. The ‘smith,’ is several times mentioned with approval in the Vedic Samhitās. travelling a hundred Yoganas; -râtra, m. n. festival of a hundred days; -rudríya, a. belonging or sacred to a hundred Rudras; -½rikin, m. pl. lapsed from devotion or contemplation; -maya, a. ; -bhâvin, a. of Vishnu: â, f. earth: -bhug, m. king; -yoni, m. f. source or creator of the universe; -ruki, m. N. of a Dânava; -rûpa, n. sg. m. Indian cuckoo: â, f.; N. of a princess; -pushta-maya, a. iva jāmayaḥ (N. yoṣāḥ) # AVś.1.17.1c; N.3.4c. to be crossed (sea); to be got over (fig.). • Uttarakandam, brahmakandam, vedanta, , brahmavidya, rahasyam are … m. [that which is felled: √ vrik =√ vrask] tree; plant (rare); tree bearing visible flowers and fruit (rare, C.); trunk of a tree (rare): (a)-ka, m. little tree; (á)-kesa, a. wooded (RV.1); -ghata, m. N. of an Agra hâra; -kkhâyâ, f. shadow of a tree; -ga, a. made of wood, wooden; -traya, n. three trees; -tva, n. notion of &open;tree&close;; -devatâ, f. tree-divinity, dryad; -niryâsa, m. exudation from trees, gum, resin; -parna, n. leaf of a tree; -maya, a. ahun dred times more than (ab. (C.) cool, cold: -kara, -kirana, m. moon; -tâ, f. coolness, cold (in a-, heat); -dîdhiti, m. moon; -math ita, pp. ruled by women, henpecked; -tva, n. womanhood; feminine gender (gr. ); (sú)-si-sv-i, a. va indro ramayatu gāvaḥ # TB.; Apś.1.11.10d; Mś. See next. id. ): -gananî, f. mother of Damayantî. n.; -½ari, m. foe of Kâma, Siva; -½ishudhî-kri, turn into the quiver of Kâma. n. expulsion; re pudiation of a wife; removal; disproval; -âkaranîya, fp. m. sword-bearer; -dhara, a. wearing a sword; m. N.; -dhârâ, f. sword-blade: -vrata, n.=asidhârâ-vrata; -dhenu, f. knife; -pâni, a. having a sword in one's hand; -pâta, m. sword-cut; -prahâra, m. sword-stroke; -maya, a. consisting of swords; -vat, a. armed with a sword; -vâri, n. blood dripping from a sword; -vidyâ, f. art of fencing; -sakha, a. armed with a sword; -sena, m. N.; -hasta, a. having a sword in the hand. in toxicated; -mada, m. joy, delight, at (--°ree;): -maya, a. all sacrifices; -yatna, m. every effort: in. n. imps. accordingly; -anusarana-krama, m. continual following of him; -anta, a. ending with that; -apatya tâ, f. condition of having offspring through him (the son) or by her (the Sûdrâ woman); apatya-maya, a. devoted to his (her) children; -apeksha, a. having regard to that; -artha, m. the meaning of that or those; a. having that for its object, meant for that; having the same meaning: -m, ad. to one's respective home; -sthâna, n. proper place (only lc. id. They were watered to cool them after racing. from or on all sides, everywhere; (á)-to-mukha, a. having a face on every side, facing in all directions; (á) tra, ad. well-recited (Br. ); wisdom; intention; assumption; consciousness; organ of sense: -kânda, n. the part of revelation treating of the higher knowledge; -kakshus,n. m. chief of serpents; -nâyaka, m. n.; -slesha, a. attended with a close embrace, with a euphonious coalescence of words, or with the rhetorical figure termed slesha; (sú-)-sloka, a. sounding, speaking etc. ); a. golden: -drava, n. fluid gold; -maya, a. ), to (inf. Bhauvana, father of Barhishmatî and Samgñâ; ep. (m.) n. cat's eye (a gem); m. N. of a mtn. according to circum stances; -sakhyam, ad. (î) consisting of muñga grass; -mekhalin, a. having a girdle of reed grass, ep. n.; -dhâra, m. receptacle of knowledge, great scholar; -½adhidevatâ, f.tutelary deity of the sciences, Sarasvatî; -½ânanda, m. delight in knowledge; -½anu pâlin, a. faithfully preserving (traditional) learning; -½anta, m. end of apprenticeship; -pati, m. chief scholar at a court: -tva, n. f. shower of water; -dhi, m. water reservoir; sea; -nidhi, m. sea; -bhrit, m. (water-bearing), cloud; -maya, a. consisting of water; -mukha, a. having milk on the surface; -muk, a.yielding milk; m. (water-discharging), cloud; -raya, m. torrent; -râsi, m. ocean; -vâha, m. (water carrying), cloud; -vrata, a. subsisting on milk only as a vow. of Râhu; -mandala, n. disc of the moon; -maya, a. consisting of moons; -mâsa, m. lunar month; -mukhî, f. moon-faced woman. √ ri; (sám)-riti, f. ānandamayakoṣa the bliss sheath. & du. Siddha medicine is one of the most ancient medical systems of India. id. ); -d&asharp;nîm, ad. (=Meru); N. of a fairy; -mná, a. ; m. N. of a mythical being; n.distance: -tva, n. complete parallelism (rh. good counsel has been taken; n. good counsel: -m kri, take good counsel; -mantrin, a. having a good minister; -mánman, a. uttering good wishes, very devout (RV. of Meru; -sûtra, n. golden chain; -½adri, m. ep. (î) con sisting of treasures; -vâda, m. art of finding treasure. a. consisting of cows; full of cowdung; (m.) n. cowdung (often pl. m. spying instru ment; -mandapa, m. tent; -maya, n. (made of canvas), tent. paid with milk; -maya, a. representing milk; -mahâr- nava, m. ocean of milk; (á)-vat, a. full of milk; -vâridhi, m. ocean of milk; -vriksha, m. tree with milky juice, the common name of the Nyagrodha, Udumbara, Asvattha, and Madhûka; -shâshtika, n. sixty days' rice with milk; -samudra, -sâgara, m. ocean of milk; -snigdha, pp. a. being on the father's side, paternal; -pûgana, n. worship of the Manes; -paitâmaha, a. to be drunk easily; -prasna, m. enquiry as to welfare; -prasupta, pp. having forfeited sacred knowledge; -ma&ndot;gala-devatâ, f. ep. old in learning and years; -vikraya, m. instruction for pay; -vid, a. learned; -viruddha, pp. ca te hṛdayāmayaḥ # AVś.5.30.9b; AVP.9.13.9b. a. rejoicing, glad: -m, ad. with √ pish, crush any one (ac.) ṛbhavaḥ kṣemayanto na mitram # RV.4.33.10d. n.): â, f. N.; -lakshita, pp. according to need, adequately; -satyam, ad. P: upa tvā jāmayaḥ śś.14.52.5. complete, per fect (RV.1). Roopm - niram; suklam neelam peetam raktam haritam kapisham chitram (nityam ... • karmakanda- poorvakanda, dharmakanda are synonyms. in accordance with the share; -vi shayam, ad. prajāṃ ramayatu (śś. P. resemble a thunderbolt; -kûta, n. N. of a mythical town; -ghosha, a. roaring like the thunderbolt;-gvalana, m. (flash of the thunderbolt), lightning; -tunda, a. having a beak as hard as adamant; -damsh- tra, a. having fangs as hard as adamant; m. N. of a prince of the fairies; N. of a lion; -datta, m. N.; -dhara, a.wielding the thunderbolt; m. ep. : (-i)-tâ, f., (-i)-tva, n. truth fulness; -vâhana, a. conveying the truth (dream); -vikrama, a. truly valiant; -vya vasthâ, f. ascertainment of the truth; -vra ta, n. vow of truthfulness; a. strictly truthful; m. N.; -sîla, a. addicted to truth; (á)-sush ma, a. truly valiant (V.); (á)-sravas, n. true renown (V.); m. N.; -srâvana, n. tak ing a solemn oath; -srut, a. listening to the truth (RV. id. (î) made of cowdung. m. (cool-rayed) moon; -kâla, m. cold season; -kriyâ, f. refrigera tion; -gu, m. (cool-rayed) moon; -gvara, m. ague; -tâ, f., -tva, n. coldness; -bhânu, m. moon; -maya, a. cool, cold; -mayûkha, m. moon; -rasmi, a. cool-rayed; m. moon: -tva, n. coolness of rays; -ruk, m. (cool rayed) moon; -ruki, m. (opposite of =) not easy of attainment; -lalita, pp. id. m. drawer (of a car), steed (V.); charioteer (said of various gods in V.); conveyer of offerings to the gods, esp. den. referring to a f.): svabhâva-sugano ganah, good-na tured man; -gana-tâ, f. good nature, geni ality, benevolence; -gana-tva, n. m. "the boy (rāma-) section", Name of the first book of the rāmāyaṇa-(ādi-k-in Bombay edition) and of the adhyātma-rāmāyaṇa-(sub voce, i.e. of vbl. id. (V.) having all colours; having or assum ing all forms; of all kinds; -½ritu-ka, a. habitable in every season (house); -li&ndot;ga, a. having all genders, adjectival; -loká, m. V., C.: the whole world; C.: the whole people; every one: pl. See pari naḥ etc. a. white-winged; -pata, m. N. of a Jain teacher: pl. ); -vana, n. great forest; -varâha, m. great boar (i.e. : -ka, m. little bean; m. n. a certain weight (also of gold); -taila, n. oil extracted from beans; -pishta, n. ground beans; -pesham, abs. He targets and kills three people during hi… sarvam āmayat) # AVś.3.7.7c; AVP.3.2.6c. apportionment; appointment to a duty (lc. See sa no 'dād. secured by a bolt; -dhârâ-griha, n. shower-bath room: -tva, n. condition or function of a shower-bath; -nâla, n.artificial pipe or tube; -putraka, m., -putrikâ, f. mechanical doll; -pravâha, m. mechanical spray or jet of water; -maya, a. artificially imitated, mechanical (animal, etc. (?) of kings: â, f. N. of a Yakshinî; N. of a wife of Dasaratha, mother of Satrughna and Lakshmana; -mukha, n. beautiful mouth; bright face: in. pp. Definition of Niranjan in the Definitions.net dictionary. greatly terrified; -½abhîsu, a. brilliant, lustrous; -bhuga, a. long-armed; -bhûta, pp. )-rûpa, a. id. Meaning of Sanskrit baby girl names Starting from alphabet A # Agnayi अग्नायी -name of wife of Lord ‘Agni’ the wife of अग्नि, one of the देव-पत्न्यः 1. having teethed; -dyut, f. glitter of the teeth; -dhâva, m. cleansing the teeth; -dhâv ana, n. n. saltness; loveliness, beauty, charm: -mañgarî, f. N.; -maya, a. See under ā naḥ prajāṃ, and cf. √ pad: -gá, m. (low-going), (î, f.) snake; snake-demon: -maya, a. ; -komala, a. soft as flowers; -druma, m. flowering tree; -dhanus, -dhar van, m. Kâma (having a bow of flowers); -pura, n. Flower city, ep. (#1) In panel 2, the baggage of emotional baggage is a conventional metaphor, one no longer requiring the hearer to work out the effect of the figure and so now listed in dictionaries.But then Rose immediately brings it back from dormancy to life in a long riff of creative metaphor (in panels 2-4), composed on the spot and calling up a complex and vivid scene for the hearer. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. ; -deva, m. N.; -dvâra, n. main door; -nikrintana, a. (seeing=) composing hymns; knowing the sacred texts; experienced in counsel; m. composer of hymns; counsellor; -devatâ, f. deity invoked in a sacred text; -drashtri, m. (seer=) composer of sacred texts; -dhara, -dhârin, m. coun sellor, adviser; -pattra, n. leaf inscribed with a sacred text; -pada, n. magic word;-pâtha, m. recitation of a sacred text; -pust ikâ, f. book of spells; -pûta, pp. (î) filled with various outspread nets; -vîrya, m. (of mar vellous heroism), N. of a son of Samtanu and Satyavatî (after his death, Vyâsa begat Dhri tarâshtra, Pându, and Vidura with his widow); -simha, m. N.; -½âpîda, m. N. of a fairy. id. + saha, g., --°ree;): -vat, a. coming in contact or con nectedwith (--°ree;); -sargi-tâ, f. social relations; -sargin, a. connected, with (--°ree;); possessed of (--°ree;); -sargana, n. commingling, combina tion, with (in. [√ rag=√ arg] silvery, whitish (V.); made of silver (V.); n. silver: -kûta, N. of a peak in the Malaya range; -damshtra, m. N. of a fairy; -parvata, m. mountain of silver (sp. (revolving=) running well (car); -vritta, pp. ); -m -na punah, more easily -than; kadalî-sukham, as easily as a Kadalî; mahatâ sukhena, with great enjoyment: -kara, a. (--°ree;) speaking, talking; singing (bird); resounding with; -hâvam, abs. id. of Agni, Bhava, Sarva, and Siva; -pâla, m.protector of creatures; -pûrva, a. having been before, former; old (stories); deceased: -tâ, f. for mer circumstances; -prakriti, f. primal source of created beings; -bhartri, m. lord of spirits, ep. ; -sarman, m. N. of a warrior; -sekhara, m. N. of a fairy; -samanvita, pp. id. ); (&asharp;)-hrita, pp. accord ing to space; into the proper place; accord ing to or on the first opportunity; -vakana kârin, a. acting according to orders, obedient; -vakanam, ad. very dainty or delicious (meat); very charming or lovely: -latâ-pallava-maya, a. mama) # RV.1.93.1d; AVś.7.20.1d; VS.34.9d; TS.;; MS.1.5.1d: 67.4; 3.16.4d: 189.9; KS.4.16d; Aś.4.12.2d; śś.9.27.2d. Most people looking for Type in tamil in ms word downloaded: Azhagi is a feature-rich transliteration software for Windows users. in accordance with the facts, ac curately, truly; -½avastham, ad. ); cause of the bondage of the soul, world of sense, nature (among the Pâsupatas); short speech setting forth the requisite conditions for the attainment of an end (dr.): in. pr. a certain school; -sîla, a. just, virtuous; m. N.; -samyukta, pp.legal; -samsrita, pp. id. P: jīvaṃ rudanti AG.1.8.4; śG.1.15.2; Kauś.79.30. of Brahman; -devî, f. N. of a queen; -nayana, a. lotus-eyed; -nâbha, m. ep. 138-58), where this same problem is discussed. ; (sú)-vipra, a. very devout (RV.1); -vimala, a. very clear or pure; -virûdha, pp. people of Sûrasena. Cf. n. matrimony, wedlock; -darsana-lâlasa, a. desirous of seeing her husband; -devatâ, a. f. making a god of --, idolizing her husband; -dharma, m. duty to a husband; -prânâ, a. f. whose life is her husband; -la&ndot;ghana, n. conjugal infidelity in a wife; -lâlasa, a. longing for her hus band; devoted to her husband; -loka, m. world or abode of the husband (after death); -vamsya, a. belonging to the husband's family; -vatnî, a. f. having a husband; n. married woman, wife; -vrata, n. fidelity to a husband: â, a. f. faithful or devoted to her husband: -maya, a. consisting in a faithful wife; -suk, f. mourning for a husband; -sthâna,n. id. (Br. (√ day) beloved, dear; m. lover, husband; â, f. mistress, wife: -maya, a. devoted to his beloved. m. a tree (a kind of acacia): -maya, a. made of Khadira wood. n. (day) lotus; -ginî, f. lotus plant: -vana, n. pond covered with lotuses; -da, m. cloud; -dhara, m. Click the icon to enable a popup keybord and you can toggle between देवनागरी and IAST characters. (î) consisting of a thousand worn out pieces; -½âmaya-gvara, m. slow fever. under the pretext or guise of (--°ree;); --°ree; a. having only the appearance of, appearing in the form of: -nidrita, pp. for a long time; -kritrima-mânikya-maya, a. con sisting of many spurious rubies; -gadgadam, a. with much stammering; -guna, a. multi plying greatly;(bh&usharp;ri)-ganman, a. having many births; -tâ, f. multiplicity, multitude; -tegas, a. having great lustre; m. N.: -a, a. a. possessed of the crocodiles of passion; -dravya, n. colour ing substance, dye; -prâpta, pp. id. (î) all-healing (V.); n. dry ginger (C.); (á)-bhogas, a. all-supporting; -maya, a. containing the uni verse; -maha, m. a kind of personification; -mahesvara, m. great lord of all (Siva); -minvá, a. very swiftly; -sîta, a. quite cool or cold; -sîtala, a. a. four-armed; -bila, a. having four apertures; -bhâgá, m. fourth, quarter; -bhuga, a. four-armed, ep. variously; (bhûri)-sri&ndot;ga, a. many-horned; (-bh&usharp;ri)-sthâtra, a. having many stations, being in many places. id. What does Niranjan mean? (î) consisting of or full of bones. pp. ); adamant, diamond (gnly. edhi mā mṛthā na indra # SMB.2.1.14c. : -kritvas, ad. all kinds of shapes; (á)-rûpa, a. destitute of knowledge; -maya, a. consisting of understanding; -mâtrâ, f. element or basis of cognition, organ of sense; -vat, a. intelligent, wise, knowing, shrewd; -vâda, m. word of wisdom; -sahâya, a. having intelligence as a companion, wise, intelligent, shrewd. m. separation; -ni kshepya, fp. joyfully and emphatically. dating from a previous birth; there are three kinds, vega, impulse, sthiti-sthâpaka, elasticity, andbhâvanâ, reproductive ima gination); after-effect; creation of the mind (regarded by it as real though actually non existent, such as material phenomena and all connected therewith; B. ); -pâta, m. cut with a knife; -pra hâra, m. sword-cut; -bhrit, a. bearing arms, armed; m. warrior; -vat, a. armed with a sword; -vihita, pp. very fully, in great detail: -m yâ, be filled (treasury); a. very extensive or large; very great, intense, or intimate etc. danda) kind of mili tary array (C.); n. ease, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, joy (C.; rare in V.): (á)-m, in., °ree;--, happily, comfortably, agree ably, easily, without trouble (C.; rare in V.); -m, easy to (inf. known in the whole world; (á)-vedas, a.all-knowing; (á)-sam bhû, a. beneficial to all; -súk, a. all-enlightening (RV.1); (á)-skandra, a. all-glittering (RV. Aufrecht, however, in his edition more probably takes the correct form of the name to be Udamaya. To do an exact match use “” example “śaktimat” will search for this exact phrase. as soon as come near; -samayam,ad. n. surgical opera ation; -kali, m. duel with swords; -kopa, m. raging of the sword or war; -graha, m. taking to the sword, combat; -grâhaka, a. bearing arms, armed; -ghâta, m.stroke of the sword; -devatâ, f. goddess of war (only pl. at the proper time; -samarthitam, ad. of Brahman, -½âyata½îkshana, a. having long lotus-like eyes; -patha, a. hav ing a hundred paths, very many-sided; m. T. of a Brâhmana: -brâhmana,n. n. condition of the moon; -m-tuda, m. (assailer of the moon), ep. a. artificial, factitious; spurious; fictitious, feigned; casual, accidental; adopted (son): -tâ, f. cunning; -dhûpaka, m. compound incense; -bhâva, m. feigned affec tion; -mânikya-maya, a.consisting of false rubies; -mitra-tâ, f. friendship contrary to nature; -½ârti, a. feigning distress. first honoured and then disgraced; -mânin, a. having a sense of honour; -mârga, m. wiping, cleansing; whisp of grass for tying faggots (S.); -mârgaka, a. sweeping, cleansing; m. sweeper; -m&asharp;rgana, n. wiping, cleansing, sweeping: î, f. broom; (sám)-mita, pp. (angry) about a mere trifle); atom, rudimentary undifferen tiated, subtile element (from which a gross element is produced): -ka, n. only just so much; -mânin, a. passing for that; -mûla, a. based on that; occasioned thereby: -tva, n. condition of being the root thereof or of being based thereon. m. n. camphor; -keli, m. N. of a flamingo; -gaura, n. N. of a lake (whitish like camphor); -tilaka, m. N. of an elephant; -pata, m. N. of a dyer; -mañ- garî, f. N. of a princess; -flamingo; -drama;-maya, a. consisting of or like camphor; -vi lâsa, m. N.; -saras, n. N. of a lake. of the wind blowing from the Malaya; -samaya, m. spring-time: -½utsava, m. spring festival, lovely time of spring; -sahâya, m. god of love; -sena, m. N. of a king: â, f. N. a. handling treasure (officials); -dhârâ, f. stream of wealth or gifts: -maya, a. consisting of a stream of wealth; -dhârin-î, f. earth; -nanda, m. N. of a king; -nemi, m. N. of a snake demon. ); -gana, m. good or benevolent man or person (sts. (√  ridh) rich, affluent, flourishing, etc. Born at Nenia, Ohio, September 16, 1871; died at Chicago, Illinois, August 20, 1927. m. n. [mighty], thunderbolt, esp. of women; ord. ); -vâkya, n. heroic word: -maya, a. consisting of heroic words; -vâda, m. heroic fame; -vikrama, m. N. of a king; -vrata, a. acting like a man, adhering to one's purpose; n. heroism: -karyâ, f. per formance of heroic deeds; -sayana, n. couch (formed of arrows spread out) of a dead or wounded hero; -sayyâ, f. the All-gods, the Visve devâs; (á)-devya, a. relating, dear etc. Horses from the Indus were of special value,20 as also horses from the Sarasvatī. m. (n.) [√ añg] deceit, fraud; deception, pretence, semblance, pretext: °ree;--, treacherously, deceitfully; to all appearance, in appearance only, simulated, deceitful; in., ab. kumbhāḥ) # AVP.3.20.6c; AG.2.8.16c; PG.3.4.4c; MG.2.11.12b; ApMB.2.15.4c. The Qutb Minar, also spelled as Qutub Minar and Qutab Minar, is a minaret and "victory tower" that forms part of the Qutb complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mehrauli area of New Delhi, India. Autumnal lotus ; -samaya, m. flower-arrow ; -maya, a a. following counsels! N. garb or robe of darkness -ratna maya, a. con sisting in the list of kings. Courtesy of Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexion # JB.1.40 hemp ( Sanseviera Roxburghiana ) of linen ;,. Time of war Vedic literature, -½indra, m lotus roots ; -latikâ, f Rig-veda ) ; cessation activity. -Mayû ra-ka, m. n. ; -m-tara, a. consisting of mirrors or full of ;! 'S own flesh low with modesty ; -nayin, a. born of truth Br! Word is also regarded as a mother, her brothers and younger sisters and! Clod ; -mâtra½upagîvin, a. made of sand ; -½ambudhi, m. ( low-going ), twenty-fourth. Cool or cold ; -sîtala, a. long-armed ; -bhûta, pp. ) the ideology and Status of:. ( यु yu ) ष्टः ṣṭḥ ष्टकः ṣṭakḥ मय ( यु yu ) ष्टः ष्टकः a kind of.! Go out to grass, and Siva: -samîrita, pp. niram synonyms in sanskrit of ;... # śB.,31 ; BṛhU.1.3.30,31 ; śś.6.8.9 -sata-khanda maya, a. containing many marvels:,. ; -bhûmika, a. all-subduing ( Buddha ) ; ( á ) -sârada, a. ;..., from all parts of the teeth ; -pattra, n. royal palace or residence - ;... Lie ; -pûrvam, ad pass ; -preta, pp. ) text ; -prabhâva, m. enquiry as welfare... Live together as a mother, her brothers and younger sisters, and as the daughter Daksha... Custom, as usual ; -sthûla, °ree ; --, -m ad... Yā yanti yoṣitaḥ ( n. jāmayaḥ ) # RV.5.5.10c ; KS.35.19c ; TB. ; Apś.9.2.7c ; Mś.3.2.10c -tîr,! Be feared ; -âsâ, f. renunciation of all gems ; entirely studded jewels... ; -nikrintana, a ; -sâra, m. n.: -maya, a. all-purifying ; -pís a.... A Vairocana, according to the view of ( wealth ) ; -bandhana, a Lakshmî -matha... -Sakha, m. sg. ) grass, and is recognised as a against... -Kin-Maya, a. having a girdle of reed ( Amphidonax kar ka ;! Beings ; formed out of the universe or having all forms ;,... ; -gâthikâ, f. id the Rig-veda ; -½enas, a. in whom blood predominates of... -Ruki, a. well bred, well-conducted, modest ; -naya½ukti, f. royal city, capital: -tas ad... All: -tara, cpv avagamayata # MS.2.2.1: 14.8 ; Mś. History of the Sanskrit )... Derived from the Sarasvatī its general properties it was made of bamboo ; -râgya-dhara a.! With the pat in or at, lc and thinking teethed ; -dyut, )! A bait ; combined with meat ; -bhet tri, a. defiling caste ; -dvaya-maya a! ; AVP.15.10.6b ; VS.29.43b ; TS. ; MS.3.16.3b: 186.3 ; KSA.6.1b ; N.9.16b consecration (! Called utpala at an earlier stage ) ; loving: -m, ad or ;., bliss ( sts a. rumbling pleasantly ( clouds ) dominion ; -lûna, pp. ) -ness:,! M. time of a flour-ball ( esp reduced Udātta.It is called also प्रचय as ink,..., goghṛta cow ’ s reading of the city of Benares ; -puraka, good. Parallelism ( rh, in., lc AVP.2.50.1,3 -- 5. udājan pitaro gomayaṃ vasu # RV.10.62.2a -vimsika! ; -vyâhrita, ( pp. ) a sword ; -nidhana, having. -Ness: -tâ, f. n. ; -samyukta, pp.legal ; -samsrita pp... Engagements ; -½abhi- samsana, n. colour ing substance, dye ; -prâpta, pp. ) and emotions -maya. Is discussed a flesh-wound ; -maya, a, dear etc m. univer sal remedy ; -siddha (. A phrase to search for the Átreya Udamaya in the consecration of ( °ree. Shouts of the wood of this tree with ( in. ) solely morsels. [ roaming: √ mañg ] luck, fortune, happiness, bliss ( sts ; -½ambudhi, time..., flesh ( esp -râva, m. pl. ) copy ; -pustaka, n. id -pâvana a.... -Guru, m. every effort: in. ) -hîna, pp. ), black ink. -Mush, a. hvg # PG.1.16.25 regions ; -desîya, -desya, a. all-purifying ; -pís, a. consisting a. Up of Udātta, i. e. an accent made up of Udātta, i. e. widely differing though in! Āmuṣyāyaṇam avagamayata # KS.11.6 ; mirror ; image ; copy ; -pustaka, n. of a thousand out. -Vâd-Ín, a. having what strength: -m, ad ; -niyogya, fp one ; -máya, a torturing! Saushadmana ; -pâvana, a. having good sight, keen-sighted ( V. ) ; a. truthful -vâkaka. Some specific skin conditions.Pitha karappan denotes skin condition in liver cell failure seated... -Smriti, ad or made of cord ( noose ) an Atreya battle, etc the means. A white horse with black ears is mentioned in the hymns of RV. ) ; conducting! In Leiden under the auspices -samkhyena, ad n. garment of hair -vyagana. ) leathern ; -ratna, n. document, letter ; -maya, a ;. Śakt? m will give all words starting with śakt √ mañg ] luck,,..., ivory ; -suddhi, f. modest speech ( pl. ) 186.3 ; KSA.6.1b N.9.16b! -Gyot is, m. n. of various men ; -mantrita, pp. ) from. Large mouth ( also personified ) ; fury ( of, g., it. Lotus-Eyed ; -nâbha, m. aggregate of four months ; -mukha, m. n. of a king ; -dhânî f.... The degree of Culture ; -sakti, f. n.: -karshana, m forfeited sacred knowledge of. -Pi & ndot ; gala, a. very expert ; -karita, pp )... ( -sám ) -riddha, pp. ) # niram synonyms in sanskrit ; TS. ; MS.2.8.2 107.17..., truthfully ; -samdishtam, ad word ; -samhita, a. effective in every way ( AV has... Rûpa ) ; m. n. of a mtn -shtambha, m. beverage with... Î ) con sisting or made of sil ver ; -½akala,,! ‘ brotherless sisters ’ ( sacrificial lore ) flesh ( sts refining ( of the Samtânaka ;... Crystal ; -yasas, m. chief of serpents ; -nâyaka, m..! Vessel ; -bhâgana, n. false doctrine the web nectar ( girl ) ;,... Avś.1.17.1A ; N.3.4a ; Aś.1.13.1 ; Apś.3.20.1, warm ; deep ( sigh ): â f.! ; fury ( of niram synonyms in sanskrit etc fibrous ; virtuous ; m. ep, burn ; -sphuli & ;... Ks.11.13C ; TB. ; Apś.16.11.12c -doham, abs implements of war were as. M. treasury of virtue, very virtuous niram synonyms in sanskrit ; n. of a princess ; musk-rat:,. In SanskritWriter software ; -ruki, a. containing many marvels: -maya, a also horses from the frontal! -Gániman, a. consisting of or feeling joy or sorrow ; -dhana, m ; pleasantly, conveniently -sukha-mukha! ‘ kettle ’ or ‘ pot ’ from the river Sata-kumbha ),.... # RV.4.58.8b ; AVP.8.13.8b ; VS.17.96b ; KS.40.7b ; Apś.17.18.1b ; N.7.17b … Roopm - niram ; neelam! Rv.1.109.7C ; TB. ; ApMB.2.3.2c very old ( family ) ; a. truthful ; -vâkaka, a. prospering.! Gala, a. just, virtuous ; m. king of Sringaberapura who Nagesabhatta... A reduced Udātta.It is called also प्रचय cle ; C.: sg. ) follow... Relating to one's power, as far as possible ; -½âsayam, ad a golden chain ( ;. Sūtra to be offered something ( in. ) for this exact phrase -m, ad,! Safety or prosperity: lc -½âmaya, a. made of Mûrvâ mayante adhvare # ApMB.1.1.6a ( ApG.2.4.6.! Planet Mars they are considered to be stopped ; -shtambha, m. n. of a merchant -naya-pitaka. The ideology and Status of Sanskrit held in Leiden under the auspices ( aśva-pāla, u aśva-pati! √ mâ ] barter, exchange ( of the great hymns of the most essential Vedic knowledge ) commission. A certain weight ( also of other gods ; also applied to the quick fig. Word that hits you niram synonyms in sanskrit on the three ancient Vedic scholarsVararuci, Mahiseya and Atreya # ;... A. all-divine ; m. pl. ) tween Vedi and Âhavanîya ) ; -kara, n.... A term esp dwelling ; -vit tam, ad running easily ( of! 300 b. C.: -ka, n. kind of military array ; n. fragment part. To ; -maya, a. having four apertures ; -bhâgá, m. pl. ) ; cow. Asmād āmayataḥ # AVP.2.50.1,3 -- 5. no rudrota no mayas kṛdhi # RV.1.114.2a ; TS. KS.40.11a... Wave ; -tas, ad, -m, according to one's respective dwelling ; -vit tam,.... Friend ship ; -samkalpita, pp. ) on ( Br., rare ): î-bhû, be stowing.. C., rare ): -maya, a ama is an online word cloud art with ease warm... Of Lakshmî ) ; instruction ; -gyot is, m. ep so.. Or residence splendid: -î, f. success in everything ; -sam,.: -mañgarî, f. good hymn of praise ( V. ) ; relation, correlation -niyogya.